OpalescenceⓇ Teeth Whitening In Moorhead, MN

At Southview Dental Care, Dr. Caitlin provides professional teeth whitening with Opalescence to help patients achieve their best, brightest smiles! For your convenience, Opalescence's whitening system is available as an in-office treatment or convenient take-home kit, combining custom-fitted whitening trays with professional-grade whitening gel so you can achieve results wherever you are. To eliminate tooth stains caused by coffee, tobacco, aging, and more, trust Southview Dental Care for top teeth whitening treatments in Moorhead, MA and beyond!

How Does Opalescence® Whitening Work?

before and after teeth whitening services at Southview Dental CareIf you're ready for a whiter smile, Dr. Caitlin will work with you to determine the best treatment route for you. Patients who opt for Opalescence® take-home teeth whitening, your dentist will custom-craft your fitted whitening trays to ensure an even gel application. The signature Opalescence whitening gel contains carbamide peroxide, which separates into hydrogen peroxide, the active bleaching agent that lifts stains. Opalescence® is available in concentrations of 10%, 15%, 20%, and 35%.

Our dentist will recommend the ideal whitening system and gel concentration for you, based on your goals, needs and unique smile!

Caring for Your Smile after Teeth Whitening Treatment

After your teeth whitening treatment is complete, our team recommends the following strategies for maintaining your results:

  • Avoid coffee, tea, and red wine for 48 hours to prevent new stains and protect your whitened teeth
  • Maintain your oral hygiene routine; brush, floss, and rinse daily to maintain your white smile after treatment
  • When drinking dark, staining liquids, use a straw to minimize contact with teeth and preserve your whitening results
  • Avoiding tobacco products post-treatment is crucial
  • Consult your dentist for whitening refills to touch up your results from home

Schedule Your Opalescence® Teeth Whitening Consultation With Southview Dental Care Today!

Southview Dental Care and Dr. Caitlin Spacek offer convenient, customizable whitening treatments with Ultradent's Opalescence. Schedule your consultation today for a brighter smile!

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