Kids Dentist in Moorhead, MN

Looking for a gentle pediatric dentist in Moorhead, MN? At Southview Dental Care, our main focus is caring for your family, little ones included! Dr. Caitlin Spacek and her team offer soothing, expert care in a comforting, friendly environment that caters to patients of all ages. From routine checkups to specialized treatments, we ensure a comfortable and comprehensive dental experience for kids, making every visit easy and pleasant — starting with your little one's very first dentist appointment!

Your Kids' Dentist In Moorhead, MN

young girl getting a dental checkup at Southview Dental CareDr. Caitlin and her team are committed to going above and beyond to make your children's dental experience as pleasant as possible. We're dedicated to comfort, offering all our patients cozy blankets and sunglasses to help promote relaxation in the dentist's chair. For patients who experience dental anxiety or may need extra help to stay calm and relaxed, we offer sedation dentistry and laughing gas to help put them at ease.

Children are invited to join our Cavity-Free Club, celebrating their healthy smiles! Every child who is cavity-free at their dental exam can enter a drawing for fun prizes.

Your Child's First Dental Visit

From your child's first dentist appointment and beyond, Dr. Spacek and her friendly team work to cultivate a positive relationship with dental health. Our team will take a close look at your child's oral health, utilizing digital x-rays for enhanced safety and reduced radiation exposure.

The American Dental Association, American Academy of General Dentistry, and the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry all recommend that your child's first dental visit should take place around 12 months of age or shortly after the eruption of the first baby tooth. This proactive approach will help us identify potential problems early on, and provide a positive introduction to all the sights, sounds and sensations of the dentist's office.

With engaging education, Dr. Caitlin will help your child build a strong foundation of oral hygiene habits, so they have everything they need to supplement their regular visits with healthy habits at home.

Early Infant Education Exams

For infants aged 6 months and older, our team offers early infant education exams to help patients create a foundation of optimal oral health as early as possible! Our dentist will answer any questions you may have about taking care of your little one's smile as they grow.

Dental Checkups and Preventive Care

Dr. Spacek promotes twice-yearly dental checkups for children, with more frequent visits when necessary to address dental caries or early orthodontic concerns.

Tooth-Colored Fillings

To help little ones address small cavities, our Moorhead dental practice opts for tooth-colored dental fillings that are safe, effective, and mercury-free.

Dental Crowns For Children

In cases of dental injury or severe decay, our team may propose a dental crown to preserve the affected tooth. Our facility is equipped to create same-day dental crowns, offering convenience and practicality by eliminating the need for temporary solutions and follow-up appointments.

Fluoride Varnish Cavity Prevention

Southview Dental Care is happy to help little ones keep cavities at bay. In addition to our thorough preventive cleanings, we offer fluoride varnish cavity prevention treatments for enhanced strengthening and protection of the teeth.

Tooth Extractions For Kids

young boy laughing while visiting Southview Dental CareTailored tooth extraction procedures are available for children facing dental decay or issues with dental crowding to prevent early orthodontic concerns. Teens dealing with wisdom tooth discomfort can find relief through our preventive wisdom tooth extraction service, which includes the removal of impacted wisdom teeth.

At our Moorhead dental office, dental extractions for kids may include the removal of baby teeth or permanent teeth, depending on the patient's needs!

Dental Fillings and Crowns for Kids

To help restore smiles from cavities, minor decay and damage, our kids' dental team offers restorations like dental fillings and crowns! Kids are offered laughing gas sedation for restorative dentistry procedures to help ensure they stay calm and comfortable throughout their treatment.

Sedation Dentistry For Children

Our Moorhead dental office provides safe sedation dentistry in the form of laughing gas, available to help kids stay calm and comfortable throughout their appointment. Dr. Caitlin will assess each child's health history to craft a sedation plan that best meets their needs!

Trauma Management

At Southview Dental Care, we understand receiving dental treatment isn't always easy for little ones. Dr. Caitlin and her team are well-versed in trauma management for dental patients and are prepared to help your child through any dental anxiety, stress or concern that may arise.

Ready To Schedule Your Child's Dental Appointment at Southview Dental Care?

With a gentle, friendly, comfort-focused approach, Dr. Cailtin and her team make dental health easy and enjoyable at any age. Contact us today to schedule your child's next dentist appointment!

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